Art Event #4: Minna Gallery, San Francisco

I was walking down the streets of San Francisco with my girlfriend and we stumbled across an amazing jazz/blues band playing. We walked in the building and we noticed the room was filled with amazing artwork. It turned out that we had walked in a major event and art showing at the Minna Gallery. It had free food and and full bar. The show was featuring local artists whom I had never heard of. The featured artists were Derek Albeck, David Choong Lee, Eric Bailey, French, Brent Harada, Hiro Kurata, Travis Hillard, Tommii Lim, Luke Ramsey, Hannah Stouffer and Marco Zamora. This was the best showing of local art that I had ever seen. There were all sorts of mediums: paint, pen, pencil, spray paint and cloth. This type of art I would actually buy if I had the money. We felt privileged to be apart of the event and it was one of the highlights of our trip.


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