My poster emulates a “Rock” genre.  The featured band is Mower.  Mower is a heavy metal rock band.  Slower is Mower’s alter ego band.  Mower converted all its songs into lounge and jazz and named itself Slower.  I’m friends with all the members of the band.  We have grown up around the music and beach community our whole lives.   I’m drawn toward the bright, flashy and edgy colors for a music poster.  I think that it draws the viewer in and gives it that rock feel.  The colors I have used along with the font help to portray that.  I used a new pattern fill in the words Mower and Slower to try and gain depth.  I then changed the texture of the font to give an edge to the words underlying meaning.   The word Mower has a jagged line to simulate heavy metal sound.  While the word Slower has soft line to simulate the smooth jazz and lounge.  

Pat Axe is the artist who designs most of Mowers gig posters.  I used his style and arrangement of text in my poster.  



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